Carb Rebuilding and Tuning
Custom carbs, Vintage Carb restorations, custom linkages, Performance carb mods, basic rebuilds, Power tuning, & Carb upgrades
Specialty Carburetor Rebuilding and restoration. DTP takes pride in offering the best in carb restoration and rebuilding of vintage performance carburetors. Multi carb specialist, over 17 years of carb rebuilding experience, and the one stop shop for custom carb setups, installs, and full tuning.

All carburetor re-builds are performed in house. Most carburetors can be brought back to life with a simple cleaning and replacement of gaskets. Others will require new floats, fuel screws, needle and seat as well as cleaning and gaskets. If your carbs require replacement of butterflies, bearings and/or shafts , you may find it more cost effective to replace the carbs with new units.

Full carb tuning services available, standard power tuning, wide band tuning, and dyno tuning (out of house)

Just Added! All carb rebuilds include a full throttle body Soda Blast! The results are incredible and if you're looking for that like new look it's a must.
Special Carb Services:
  • Custom Jetting/Venturis
  • Full Carb Restorations
  • Carb tuning services
  • Dellorto turbo shaft seal machining
  • Intake manifold blasting

  • Carb Labor Prices

  • Stripped idle screw repair
  • Custom Booster Installs
  • Holley Screw-in Air bleeds
  • Choke Removal
  • Off-Road Mods
  • wide band tuning

  • Prices do not include any parts besides what is included in the basic rebuild kit,
    Call for an accurate quote
    @ 714-926-7704
  • Single barrel Mikuni/SU carbs  -$205
  • 2 Barrel Weber/Dellorto downdraft/sidedraft -$245
  • Mikuni PHH series $355
  • Weber 40 IDA 3C-$365 ea.
  • Most 4 Barrel Holley $205
  • Edelbrock/Carter -$205
  • Throttle Shaft replacement -$95
  • Remove Choke Horn(Holley) -$25
  • Idle screw fill, drill, and tap -$180-$275
  • Intake sand blast -$45
  • Port Fuel Inlet(Dellorto) -$35
  • Sand Blast intake manifold -$45
  • Wide Band Dyno Tune w/Re-Jet -$300(plus dyno fees)
  • Blow Through Turbo Prep -$380
  • Draw Through Turbo Prep -$260
  • Epoxy top & blend(race)-$120
  • Custom booster install-$100
  • high flow throttle plate screws-$40

  • Prices subject to change please call for accurate quote.

    Carburetor Rebuilding for :
    Dellorto DHLA & DRLA
    Holley 4150, 4160, Vac Secondary, Dominator, & 2 barrels
    Carter AFB-ALL

    " Hi, this Robert, you rebuilt my Dellorto DHLA 40 carb about 2 months a go. Well I finally got around to getting it put on. Wow! Thank you! It finally runs like I thought it should. I really liked working with you on this. I talked with other so called experts and they wanted me to take the whole car to them. That was just not that was just going to work. Anyway, thanks again. I may be calling you before my next trip to Pismo just to make sure it is tuned right, but so far I really like the way it runs. Robert "

    "Hey Joe,
    You set up a pair of Webers for my 64 VW bug last month and I just wanted to let you know that the car has never ran better! I think the jetting is spot on and throttle response is perfect. I will stay in touch for future tuning but for now I'm just want to drive it more! Thanks again, Thomas"