Engine Building
Full Custom engine Services. That means Professionally planned, blueprinted and assembled performance engines that are always custom built to order.
DTP takes pride in building custom engines for all styles of driving. Highly experienced in high compression, nitrous, forced induction and stroker applications, we can build an engine catered to your specifications. This is why all my engines are not mass produced, they are hand-crafted to meet my customer's unique needs. If it's for the street, the strip, road track, or marine; I can build it to exceed!

Specialized Engine Rebuilding for:
  • Small Block & Big Chevy
  • LS1, LS6/LSX
  • Ford Windsor, Midland, Cleveland, and FE
  • Toyota 1JZ/2JZ & 22R
  • VW Type1 & Type 3
  • Marine, Street, Off-Road, and Race

    Engine Swaps and Engine Upgrades
  • LS swaps, fuel injection and carbureted, tranfer case adapters for 4wd apps
  • Small & Big block swaps in Datsun, Toyota, anything RWD
  • Cam swaps, rocker upgrades, custom oil pans
  • Head swaps, head porting, big power combos

    Typical Rebuilding Services for Domestic V8 builds
  • Thermal or Chemical Cleaning - Engine block, Cylinder heads, Crank)
  • Magnaflux cast iron block & heads
  • Custom Oil System modifications
  • Crankshaft reconditioning, micro polishing, chamfering, knife edging, heavy metal balancing, offset grinding
  • Custom Bearing Clearances
  • Custom Windage Trays and drain back mods
  • All Camshafts are degreed for optimal performance
  • All cylinder bores are blueprinted with a dial bore gauge and torqued honed to spec.
  • Custom ring gaps
  • Connecting Rods - Resizing Big End, Bushing Replacement, and custom polishing available
  • Full Engine Assembly Balance
  • Custom Stroker Clearancing

    TYPE 1 AirCooled VW Performance Motors (typical blue printed builds include)
  • Thermal or Chemical Cleaning - Engine case, Cylinder heads, Crank)
  • Shot Peening or Sand Blasting of relevant parts
  • Engine Case Crack Inspection.
  • Rimco Crankshaft Reconditioning - Grinding, Micro, Polishing, and Knife Cutting
  • All Camshafts and Lifters are degreed and are custom ground by SLR Cams in Corona, CA
  • All new cylinder barrels are blueprinted with a dial bore gauge and honed to spec.
  • Full Engine Assembly Balance
  • Full oil system blueprinting with custom clearances
  • Connecting Rods - Resizing Big End, Bushing Replacement, and custom polishing available
  • Custom Stroker Clearanced up to 2442cc
  • Precision Assemblies come with detailed build sheets that layout all recorded measurement specs, as well as compression,cylinder/intake volume, and cam timing specs

    Headwork and valve train
  • Full Valve Train Geometry setup
  • On car spring installation
  • Spring Installed Height measurement and adjustment
  • Adjust rocker shaft alignment for best contact pattern

    LS Motor Swaps (coming soon!)
  • LSX conversions for any GM RWD car or truck
  • EFI to carb conversions
  • Custom ECU's and engine wiring
  • Custom engine/trans Mounting
  • Custom Headers

    Custom Oil Systems
  • Oil Cooler Installs
  • Remote Oil Filters
  • Custom Plumbing
  • Engine Block Oil System Blueprinting
  • Oil Pump Clearancing