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Just Added! Soda Blasting Service is now included with every rebuild.
DTP just picked up a new blasting cabinet and an extra 60 gallon compressor tank. This means that just about all rebuilds that pass through my hands with get a soda blast!

If you're not familiar with soda blasting, it is a way of cleaning the bodies completely with out damaging ports or exposing bearings and shafts to harmful glass bead. It's a simple process of using high pressure air and common household baking soda to blast away dirt and corrosion.

Soda Blasting is a great way to bring back the value of any classic carb. You're looking at a Berg Special 42 DCNF and is well worth the effort.
Today's solvents just don't clean like they used to. After years of street use these DCNF's were in need of some serious help.
Check back for updates, I will post more pics of these Berg's on polished intakes and custom type 1 linkage.